Confidence is the new sexy.

by crazyauntdelilah

Because it simply needs to be said again…


Confidence is the new sexy.

At a recent seminar, I heard a panelist use these words. They stuck. Are we generationally conflicted about confidence, and how it impacts our professional and personal lives, meaning do each of us feel a different sense of confidence in our work craft vs. personal development, spiritual growth and/or family balance?

I do.

If confidence is the new sexy, how we do ensure that the sassy icon and size 14, Marilyn Monroe, is shared with our young people who know how to manipulate Photoshopbut STILL see publications with women of size 2?

Years ago, only those of us who live in the Mac cult world like me knew the inner workings of Photoshop and Illustrator to mess with imagery. Today, anyone with a laptop can upload distortion. Who are the publishers of these pubs knowing that their twisted imagery is an eating disorder waiting to…

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